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"The Tree Movers Tree Mover"

The lowest cost of ownership of any commercial tree spade. There are differences in tree spades. Some are obvious, like the size of tree a unit can handle, or the size of the root ball. Then there are those other variables that directly impact your daily business. That’s why Stocker accomplishes the digging requirements you need with the lowest cost of ownership of any commercial tree spade

What our customers are saying

  • "My client had an addition put on that basically created an 8 foot wide alcove by the front door of their home. The landscape architect and customer had found the perfect tree to place there, but couldn’t a tree mover that would fit in their tight space. Thanks to the unique Stocker Tree Spade design, I was able to back my rig in and give them just what they wanted. It was so tight, I even had to fold in the mirror of the truck to back it in!"

    ~ Minnesota Nursery Customer

  • "I had called a bunch of tree movers to help move in some pine trees for a Christmas photo shoot we were doing and almost all I needed to wait for the frost to ease up in the spring before they could dig.  Finally, I found someone with a Stocker Tree Spade.  Not only were they able to dig when I need and get trees in place for me, but because of their great service, I later hired them for some other work later in the year."

    ~ Tom Doroff, Shadows of the Old West Entertainment Company