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Tree Moving Equipment

We will customize your unit any way you want it, from brackets to hold shovels to tool boxes installed on  your truck.   Most other brands just install their unit on your truck and you have to do everything else yourself.  Stocker owners know that we want our customers happy, so you spec it, we do it.

Experience The Difference

  • #1 in Quality – Stocker spades are still going strong in daily operation (many over 35 years).  Stocker will probably be the last tree spade you ever need to buy – unless you get so busy you need another Stocker.

  • #1 in Reliability – Stocker spades outperform competitors in hour to hour performance reliability -meaning you don’t have unprofitable down time

  • #1 in Serviceability - Stocker uses standardized hydraulics and fittings, meaning you can obtain most parts from your local farm or fleet supplier – no waiting for a special order to arrive.

  • #1 in Digging Versatility –Stocker’s patented digging head can handle any soil easily, even rock.  That means you can take the jobs others won’t.

  • #1 in Space Efficiency – Stocker’s patented digging head allows the system to be physically smaller than the competition, meaning you can put trees in tight locations others can’t.

  • #1 in Nursery Management – Stockers patented digging head means less risk of damage to adjacent trees leaving more money in the field ready to be harvested later.

  • #1 in Efficiency – Stockers patented digging head utilizes a 2 to 1 spade travel system, meaning you can dig 50% faster than competitive systems.

Standard Features

  • Always Ready Blade Head - Stocker Spades are “dig ready” meaning all you do is lower the head and dig – no waiting for blades to position they already are.

  • Tight Work Digger Head - Stocker uses a patented “No tower head” providing you with a more environmentally friendly spade head for getting into tight areas.  But don’t let that small size fool you, we still out-dig any other brand.

  • Clear View Backing - Because we have no towers to have to see around, when the digging head  is lowered and opened you have a clear view of the tree. No lowering tower blocking view.

  • Automatic Stabilizers - Stocker has built in leveling system. You can lower either side to level digging head.  Add-on Stabilizers get in the way of other objects and also put indentations in turf which have to be filled in, wasting time and causing unnecessary damage. 

  • Fine Tune Planting - Stocker spades have fine-tune adjusting, allowing you to manipulate the spade to get around buildings or tree branches, or even in the nursery for “just the right tree”..

  • Digging Head Mounted Hydraulic Valve - No guessing with a Stocker Spade, you are right there so you can see 360 degrees where you are, whether  digging or installing a tree.

  • Simple Disconnect - You can unhook digging head with 4 pins and 2 hoses in about  About 15 minutes.