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Tree Tyers

Stocker tree tyers are designed with a patented roller system that treat the tree with gentle care as it is lifted into the branch and foliage area. This design leaves less opportunity for bark or branch damage, as well as avoids limb hang-up common with other tree tying systems. There are three sizes available in tree tyers:

  • 54” - Opens to 58”

  • 70” - Opens to 59"
  • 100” - Opens to 80”

Custom Color Schemes:

Unlike manufacturers who only offer their spades in stuck-in-the-box ways with only one color choice, Stocker can manufacture your spade with your custom color schemes that meet your specific needs. Your business is unique, and Stocker is there to make your professional appearance carry throughout your vehicle, not just your cab door. We pride ourselves on producing spades that accomplish jobs which others cannot, and your tree moving equipment should stand out as a testament to that ability. Contact us to learn more about Stockers custom color option.